President Bulgarian Ski Federation

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Bulgarian Ski Federation, I am pleased to welcome all of you here in our country for the Ladies and Men 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Bansko event. We are very proud to have you here in the heart of the Balkans, at the foot of the magnificent Pirin Mountains, and we aim to combine this snowboard festival with an exciting experience and true friendship in new united Europe.

We are sure that these prestigious snowboard competitions will convince you to leave part of your heart in the Bansko area. We also strongly believe that all our visitors, especially our future winners, will keep great memories of the warm hospitality offered by the community of Bansko and the unforgettable beauty of the Pirin mountains. On the other hand, our spectators will remember the fair play and the sportsmanship demonstrated by all the athletes while fighting hard to achieve their potential. It’s definitely our main goal to create a unique atmosphere during our World Cups that will make it really special for everybody!

The members or the National Ski Federation and the Organising Committee have been working hard in past years to overcome difficult challenges and produce excellent competitions when organising FIS, European Cup or World Cup races in the attempt to ensure Bulgaria’s place on the map of major international sporting events. So we hope you’ll enjoy the coming World Cup stage here.

I would like to thank you again for coming here and wish all participants

“Good Luck!”

Yours truly