Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

Honorary Chairman OC

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear sport Fans,

It is a pleasure and a privilege for me, once again, to be associated with the organisation of the Fis Snowboard World Cup 2017 and thus - to welcome the best snowboarders of the world in Bansko, Bulgaria.

The privilege of being given the rights by the FIS to organise consecutively World Cup races in Bansko, sanctions the Bulgarian Ski Federation’s seriousness in hosting world class sporting events.

To be given the privelege of hosting prestigious competitions since 2009 here in Bulgaria, confirms the trust placed in us by the winter sports community for our tremendous effort to promote the sport not only here at home but all over the world.

As the competiton gets under way and the snowboarders will astonish us with their prowess, there will be an opportunity to network, and exchange ideas among an international snowboarding community of experts.

I’m confident that the superb conditions on our racing courses and the presence of our champions Radoslav Jankov and Alexandra Jekova will by acknowledged by our fans. I also hope that the warm Bulgarian hospitality and the unique spirit of Bansko will touch our worldwide audience.

Good luck to all.

February 2017

Minister of youth and sports

Dear Organizers, participants and friends of snowboard,

It’s a privilege for me to congratulate you on the occasion of organizing the Snowboard World cup for men and women in Bansko.

After the superb hosting of the Big Air World cup in, during the season 2007/2008 in Sofia, our country is coming back on the world stage of snowboard by hosting the most attractive disciplines in snowboard giant slalom, parallel slalom and boarder cross. This will be a big challenge for Bulgaria, as well as for Bansko and the Bulgarian Ski Federation. I have no doubt that we will do an excellent job, due to the fact that in the past years our country proved to be a successful host in the World and European cups from the calendar of the International Ski federation.

For the first time now, between the 3rd and 5th of February along the “Tomba” track the Bulgarian fans will have the privilege to see all famous stars in snowboard live. We are also proud the current champion in the world cup in the parallel discipline Radoslav Yankov and the current champion in boarder cross Alexandra Jekova are among them.

The upcoming event is extremely valuable to us and it will have a huge social effect. I hope that this event will spark the love for winter sports in all the kids and teenagers watching.

I wish all the athletes, a successful start and achievement of their sports goals. It is an indisputable fact that the athletes will make their best effort for an excellent performance in the name of the good sportsmanship and this beautiful sport.

Good Luck.

February 2017

Mayor of the municipality of Bansko

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to compare snowboarding to writing with light. This is my heartfelt wish – that each of you may experience his or her light story in the town below Todorka peak. May some of you carve their biggest or first success in this fantastic winter sport! May other competitors have an unforgettable experience in contact with the charming nature of Pirin! And for the rest - have a memorable time in the special cozy, traditional comfort of Bansko.

All of us, organizers and hosts alike, have devoted our best efforts to make this event happen. I do hope that you will also feel the extraordinary hospitality of the native people in my town, who will once again open their homes and hearts to you.

Welcome to Bansko, a town that will always look forward to welcoming you, and would be honored to have the privilege of being a co-author in your unique ski story, engraved with light on the ridge of Pirin.